Gullkit is a small, muscular, lithe, black tabby tom with a white splash on his nose and small, beady yellow eyes.


Gullkit is loud, rowdy, and wild. He never sits still and is always asking questions or in other cats' business. Gullkit is sweet and innocent, but his wild streak resulted in his tragic death.


Gullkit was born to an unknown tom and she-cat in ValleyClan, along with his brother, Forestkit. He and his brother always played, but often snuck out off camp. One day on their adventures, he and Forestkit stumbled upon a fox den. Forestkit sensing danger, hides in a crack in a rock, while Gullkit, determined as always, entered the den. There were barks and shrieks from inside, followed by a fox cub running out of the den out with Gullkit's head in it's mouth, it's mother following behind with the rest of Gullkit's body.

He now resides in StarClan.

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Character PixelsEdit

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  • His life image doesn't look exactly like him.
  • It lacks the white on his nose and the cat in it has green eyes.